Bike Tours in Alentejo

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Join our bike tours in Alentejo! Bring along the whole family and explore this hidden gem in Portugal!

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  1. Option 1 Evora Bike and Hike

    A fun filled tour along the Silver Aqueduct, which is an amazing 16th century work of art! From here you will cross local farms, breathing in the fresh air and the sweet smell of fresh grown herbs.  We will stop midway at our famhouse to pick up our bikes and cycle down a lovely ecotrail – AND the tour is all downhill, so it’s a very easygoing trip! Once in town, we’ll take you for a walking tour around the historical center of Evora. A half day tour with a lovely mis of nature and culture!

    Duration: Half Day

    Includes: guided services and equipment hire, 1 drink at our farmhouse, personal accident insurance

  2. Option 2 Enchanted Megaliths Bike Tour

    Meet us in Guadalupe for this fun filled bike tour! We will take you cycling along the area of Valverde, full of greenery and amazing landscapes. Here we will find some of the oldest Megalithic Monuments in Europe – and in some cases, mankind! Other points of interest we will visit include the Roman Ruins of Tourega and Giraldo’s Castle! Along the way we will stop for a leisurely taste of local wine, cheese and chorico. A wonderful tour mixing lots of history with a bit of gastronomy!

    Duration: Half day – 25km

    Included: guide services, equipment rental, snack, personal accident insurance

  3. Option 3 Evora Megaliths Bike Tour

    A true historical tour! Join us for a full day of exploring ancient monuments and tasting local delicacies! We will start from the center of Guadalupe, and travel to the oldest megalithic monuments in Europe, where you can cycle along rock formations dating back to 5000 BC! Among other location, we will also take you to the Roman Ruins of Tourega and Giraldo’s Castle. Midway we will stop under the shady trees and enjoy a light picnic lunch of cheese, chourico and of course delicious Alentejo wine. Before heading back to the starting point, we will take you on a tour of our favorite locations, showing you 

    Duration: Full day – 45km

    Included: guide services, equipment rental, snacks, picnic lunch, personal accident insurance

  4. Option 4 Evora Aqueduct and City Bike Tour

    Cycle along the 16th century Silver Aqueduct for a day of culture and nature! In reaching our farmhouse, we will stop for a refreshing drink befor taking off for the historical center of Evora! Cycle along the easygoing ecotrail and enjoy breathtaking landscapes and historical landmarks! 

    Duration: Half Day – 15km

    • Included: guide services and equipment hire, 1 drink, picnic lunch, personal accident insurance

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