Bike Tours in Madeira

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Our bike tours in Madeira offer you the chance to explore the island through wonderful little cycling trails!

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All about the Bike Tours in Madeira.

If you enjoy mountain biking in nature, we are sure you will enjoy our Madeira bike tours! Designed for all levels of experience, our guides have put together a variety of itineraries that not only show you the most beautiful point of the island, but also allow for trails for beginners or experienced bikers! Explore the city of Funchal, or if you prefer a more natural location, cycle through valleys, plateaus and beaches! 


Below you will find an array of tours to choose from. All tours are 65eur per person and include experienced guide services, equipment hire and insurance. If you are staying in the center of Funchal, we can also arrange pickups!

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Guide services

Bike and helmet rental


  1. Option 1 Portela do Faja dos Rolos

    We begin the tour with a leisurely drive to Faja dos Rolos. The trail is quite short with steep sections that challenge you and lead you through fragrant forests of laurel and eucalyptus. The end of the trail leads you alongside the Serra do Faial Levada on your way to Canico de Baixo

    Duration: 4 hours

    Distance: 50km

    Availability: daily upon request

  2. Option 2 Portela Easy Tour

    Start your tour in the beautiful Vale Paraiso, cycling an 18km trail to Serra do Faial Levada. Next we will ascend to a wonderful lookout point in Boca do Riso, so don’t forget your camera! The next part of your tour will lead you along lovely roads and forest trails to Machicho where we will hop in the van to return to the starting point in Funchal

    Duration: 4 hours

    Distance: 47km

    Availability: daily upon request

  3. Option 3 Paul da Serra to Ribeora da Janela

    Start your tour at the highest plateau of the island in Paul da Serra, offering you amazing views of Ribeira Brava, Central Massif and also Sao Vicente. The cycling trails take you under century old laurel trees, descending to Ribeira da Janela

    Duration: 4 hours

    Distance: 37km

    Availability: daily upon request (minimum 4 people)

  4. Option 4 Funchal

    Start your tour with a scenic drive to Camacha, passing by Serra do Faial Levada, which is one of the longest on the island! In Monte, we will start cycling through Funchal to the lovely fishing village of Camara dos Lobos. This trail will offer you a bit of challenging uphill cycling, so be prepared to challenge yourself!

    Duration: 4 hours

    Distance: 52km

    Availability: daily upon request

  5. Option 5 Pico do Areeiro

    Start your tour at 1000mt above sea level at the beautiful and scenic Abrigo do Pastor! From here we will cycle within the ecological park steadily traveling uphill where we will reach the top of Pico do Areeiro. A very challenging climb but well worth the views when you reach the top! The descent to Canico de Baixo will guide you along leisurely downhill trails, to make up for the earlier effort!

    Duration: 4 hours

    Distance: 42km

    Availability: daily upon request

  6. Option 6 Santana

    Our tour begins in Guindaste and we cycle uphill until we reach the Levada do Caldeirão Verde. Following this Levada we pass through the Parque Florestal das Queimadas. On our tour, we have many viewpoints with beautiful views. After a short visit of the “Casas de Colmo” in Santana, our path leads downhill along the first path that connects all the villages of Madeira to the sea.

    Duration: 4 hours

    Distance: 30km

    Availability: daily upon request

  7. Option 7 Sao Jorge

    Begin your tour in Achada de Felpa, cycling through beautiful forest paths, among eucalyptus and laurel trees, offering you an amazing mix of coastal and mountain views.

    Duration: 4 hours

    Distance: 27km

    Availability: daily upon request

  8. Option 8 Chao da Lagoa

    Begin your tour in the scenic Terreiro da Luta, starting right off with amazing views over Sao Goncalo. The uphill trail will lead ud through the Funchal Eco Park to Montado do Pereiro, and at the top Chao da Lagoa. The next section of the tour is quite a challenging one that takes you to Pico do Suna, so be prepared to peddle! Once we’ve stopped for some photos, we’ll descend along Serra do Faial Levada down to Canico de Baixo.

    Duration: 5 hours

    Distance: 55km

    Availability: daily upon request


  9. Option 9 Paul da Serra do Jardim do Mar

    This tour will start you off at the spectacular plateau at Paul da Serra, with breathtaking views all around! From here the cycling trail is downhill and scenic, guiding you along forest paths to the lovely southern coast of the island at Jardim do Mar.

    Duration: 4 hours

    Distance: 40km

    Availability: daily upon request

  10. Option 10 Chao dos Terreiros to Trompica

    Begin your tour at Quinta Grande, leisurely cycling through Terreiros and Chao dos Terreiros. Next we will begin an uphill challenge rewarding you with amazing views of over 1400mt above sea level! We will continue our tour through Boca da Corrida and Jardim da Serra to Cabo Girao. The end of the tour leads you to the beautiful fishing village of Camara dos Lobos.

    Duration: 4 hours

    Distance: 39km

    Availability: daily upon request

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