Boat Trips in Porto

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Our boat trips in Porto are a must-do activity! Sail along the Douro River taking in the most beautiful landscapes of the region! Join us for short duration cruises and even full day cruises! We also offer private sailing charters!

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All about the Boat Trips in Porto.

A cruise along the Douro River offers you the opportunity to explore the history, culture and of course, its prestigious wines!

Meandering along the calm waters of the Douro River, you will visit areas that are unreachable in any other form of transport! We offer a wide variety of cruise options from quick trips along the Six Bridges, to multi day cruises with accommodation! Book your cruise today!

Points of interest include: 

  • The iconic Six Bridges of Porto! 
  • Vineyards, plantations and chronicled towns 
  • Amazing view and dams! 
  • Douro wine samplings!

Would you like a more exclusive experience? Why not consider a private sailing charter?

  1. Option 1 The Six Bridges Cruise

    A short cruise that will show you the best of the city of Porto! Enjoy viewing the city from the water and getting to know its six most famous bridges between Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. A wonderful option for those who are short on time, yet do not want to miss sailing along the Douro!

    Highlights include:

    • Sao Luis Bridge
    • Serra do Pilar Monastary
    • D. Maria Pia Bridge
    • Sao Joao Bridge
    • Freixo Bridge

    Duration: 50 minutes

    Availability: Daily from 10am to 6:30pm (in the summer)

                           Daily from 10am to 4:30pm (in winter months)

    Price: Adults 15eur/Children 4 to 12yr 7,50eur

  2. Option 2 Regua Cruise

    Enjoy our 50 minute cruise in Regua! Explore the vast expanse of landscapes in the wine region! During this trip, we will sail along dams, vineyards and so much more!

    Duration: 50 minutes

    Availability: from April to October from 10:00am to 6:00pm

    Price: Adult: 10eur/ Children 4 to 12 yr: 5eur

  3. Option 4 Dinner Cruise on the Douro River

    Enjoy a fantastic 3 hour experience on the Douro River with a traditional 3 course meal, Douro and Port wines served on board and live music!

    Duration: 3 hours

    Availability: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8:00 to 11:00pm

    Price per person: 42eur

  4. Option 5 Sao Joao Cruise

    On the night of the 23rd of June, Portugal celebrates the Festival of Saint John. A lively party with locals filling up the streets that are bustling with music, art exhibitions, fireworks and more! We have prepared the perfect cruise along the Six Bridges to celebrate Saint John and invite you to join us! You’ll have the best seats in the house for the fireworks!

    Duration: 3 hours

    Availability: 23 rd June from

    Price: 40eur / Children ages 4 to 11 – 20eur

  5. Option 6 Sao Joao Dinner Cruise

    A fantastic opportunity to join the festivities of Saint John! This fantastic 5h30min cruise with take you along the Six Bridges and serve a delicious dinner before dropping anchor to watch the fireworks display!

    Duration: 5 hours 30 minutes

    Availability: 23 rd June from

    Price: 100eur / Children ages 4 to 11 – 50eur


  6. Option 7 Douro Cruise - Upstream

    A wonderful full day experience, in which you will cruise up the river to Regua, and from here enjoy a scenic train ride back to Porto! The cruise starts with boarding and breakfast served on board. From here we will sail past the Crestuma/Lever Dam where you will enjoy lovely landscapes as we prepare your lunch! After lunch, you’ll continue to enjoy amazing views, including Carrapatelo Dam, as we sail towards Regua (estimated arrival time 5:15pm). From here it is a quick walk to the train station, which should get you back to Porto by 7:30pm

    Duration: 10h30min

    Availability: daily upon request

    Price per person (Monday to Friday): 72eur / Children 4 to 12: 36eur

    Price per person (Saturday and Sunday): 90eur / Children 4 to 12: 45eur

    Includes: breakfast, appetizer and lunch on board, full day of cruising the Douro River, train ride from Regua to Porto

    Notes: on the weekend, this cruise finishes at 8:45pm. Also the train ride can be substituted by bus on the day

  7. Option 8 Douro Cruise - Downstream

    A wonderful day of exploration starting with a bus ride to Regua, followed by a cruise down the Douro River! We start by meeting at the Stock Exchange Palace and hopping on the buses for the ride to Regua. From here we will get on the boat for a breathtaking cruise! You’ll enjoy a delicious appetizer and lunch on board as we calmly sail past the Dams of Carrapatelo and Crestuma/Lever, all the while taking in the unique landscapes that is the Douro Valley. Arrival in Porto should be around 6:00pm.

    Duration: 10 hours

    Availability: daily upon request

    Price per person (Weekdays): 65eur / Children 4 to 12: 32,50eur

    Price per person (Weekend): 85eur / Children 4 to 12: 42,50eur

    Includes:  appetizer and lunch on board, full day of cruising the Douro River, bus ride from Porto to Regua

  8. Option 9 Porto-Regua-Barca d'Alva-Porto Cruise

    It’s an early start but well worth the effort as you will get to sail along some of the most beautiful locations on the Douro River! Your itinerary for the day is as follows:

    6:45am – Meeting at the Campanha train station* and train ride to Regua

    9:08 – Estimated arrival time in Regua. From here you will enjoy a short walk to the boat, where we will begin your cruise with a delicious breakfast served on board! The morning will take you past the Dams of Bagauste and Pinhao.

    1:00pm – Enjoy a traditional lunch on board our boat with the spectacular Douro Valley as your backdrop. The afternoon will take you along the Dams of Valeira and Pocinho.

    In the afternoon, and before arriving in Barca d’Alva around 5:30pm, we wil also serve you an afternoon snack! Arrival in the village of Barca d’Alva, we will disembark and take you to the Pocinho train station* for another lovely and scenic ride back to Porto. Arival time is estimated to be just past 11:00pm

    Duration: 14h30min

    Availability: daily upon request

    Price per person: 125eur

    Children 4 to 12 years of age: 62,50eur


  9. Option 10 Porto-Pocinho-Regua-Porto Cruise

    An early start means more time to explore! Your itinerary is as follows:

    6:45am – Meeting at Campanha train station* for a scenic ride to Pocinho

    10:35am – Estimated arrival in Pocinho and a quick transfer to the wharf. The morning will take you along the river passing by Pocinho Dam.

    1:00pm – Enjoy a delious appetizer and lunch on board while viewing the breathtaking Douro! The afternoon will lead us past the Valeira Dam, the village of Pinhao and also the Bagauste Dam.

    5:30pm – Arrival in Regua. here we will lead you on a leisurely walk to the train station, where we will board the train to Porto. Estimated arrival time is at 8:45pm

    Duration: 14 hours

    Availability: daily upon request

    Price per person (Weekdays) : 108eur

    Children 4 to 12 years of age: 54eur

    Included: all transportation, appetizer and lunch


  10. Option 11 Porto-Regua-Pinhao-Porto Cruise

    Enjoy a fantastic cruise experience, complete with a visit to a local winery and of course tastings! Here is your itinerary for the day:

    9:00am – Boarding begins with breakfast served on board. The morning will lead you up the river passing by the beautiful Crestuma/Lever Dam

    1:00pm – Enjoy a delicious lunch with the Douro as your backdrop! The afternoon takes you past the Carrapatelo Dam to Regua

    4:30pm – We arrive in Regua and get on the bus taking us to a local wine producer, where you will learn all about Douro wines, followed by wine tasting accompanied by local delicacies! After our visit we will board a bus taking us back to Porto, where the estimated arrival time will be 9:00pm

    Duration: 12 hours

    Availability: daily upon request

    Price per person (Weekdays): 108eur / Children 4 to 12: 54eur

    Price per person (Weekend): 126eur / Children 4 to 12: 63eur

    Included: all transportation, visit to a winery with tastings, breakfast, appetizer and lunch served on board

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