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Our cycling holidays in Alentejo take you back to a more simple form of life.  A true getaway from the stresses of daily life! Contact us for a brochure with full itinerary, package options and also prices!

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    All about the Cycling Holidays in Alentejo.

    Cycling in Alentejo means going back to a more simple form of life – a true getaway from the stresses of daily life! Know for its amazing gastronomy, and cork and marble production, you’ll get a glimpse at this hidden gem that takes up one third of the country! The scenery is unlike any other part of Portugal as well, with rolling hills and ancient ruins. If you’ve been to Portugal before and are looking for something different, why not consider the Alentejo?

    If you prefer the coast, check out our Cycling Holidays on the Costa Vicentina! We also offer day trips by bike if you’re short on time, but don’t want to miss out on cycling in this region!

    1. Option 1 Alentejo Vineyards

      A wonderful tour for wine lovers! Explore the rich tastes and smells of the interior region of the Alentejo! Get to know its medieval villages and castles! Learn about the local crafts and enjoy delicious wine all the way along your tour!

      Duration: 7 days or 9 days

      Distance: 28-48km per day

      Price for 7 days: from 1100 euros

      Price for 9 days: from 1500 euros

      Type of tour: guided or self guided

    2. Option 2 Evora and Alentejo Family

      A fantastic family experience! Grab the kids and let’s go cycling! Go back in history by visiting castles and even prehistoric monuments! This is a tour filled with the beautiful history that makes the Alentejo so very special!

      Duration: 7 days/6 nights

      Distance: 21-34km per day

      Price: from 799 euros

      Type of tour: guided or self guided

    3. Option 3 Castles and Wine

      Cycle along some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Alentejo! Sleep in palaces, castles and even farmhouses! Each day we will show you a different part of the Alentejo and offer you lovely picnics in nature. A wonderful tour for all ages!

      Duration: 8 days/7nights

      Distance: 258km in total

      Price: from 920 euros

      Type of tour: guided or self guided

    4. Option 4 Cycling in Paradise

      A wonderful tour with accommodation in our guest farmhouse – no need to pack and unpack every day! Get to know the lovely rolling hills of the Alentejo through it’s easygoing cycling tracks! Explore the city of Evora and all of its historical monuments! Enjoy delicious local gastronomy, and of course, wine!

      Duration: we offer packages from 4 to 8 days!

      Distance: 293km in total

      Price for 4 day package: from 510 euros

      Price for 5 day package: from 660 euros

      Price for 6 day package: from 805 euros

      Price for 7 day package: from 1050 euros

      Price for 8 day package: from 1125 euros

      Type of tour: guided or self guided

    5. Option 5 Bike, Walk and Kayak

      A fun filled combinations tour over land and sea! Cycle from Porto Covo in the Alentejo all the way to Algarve! Enjoy a fun mix of cycling, hiking and kayaking!

      Duration: 8 days/7 nights

      Distance: 183km in total

      Price: from 1070 euros

      Type of tour: guided or self guided

    6. Option 6 Bike and Cook

      This is the tour for food lovers who also like to cycle! Enjoy a week of cycling great trails, 3 cooking classes and lots of tastings! A great way to get to know the Alentejo, as it is fmous for its food and wine!

      Duration: 8 days/7 nights

      Distance: 250km in total

      Price: from 1570 euros

      Type of tour: guided or self guided

    7. Option 7 Taste of Heritage

      Enjoy a fantastic tour with upscale accommodation at a local 15th century convent! This is a tour that can be adapted to your cycling needs, as well as duration, showing you the best of the Alentejo and its gastronomy!

      Duration: 3 nights or 5 nights

      Distance: 61km to 138km (depending on the duration of the tour)

      Price for 3 nights: from 937 euros

      Price for 5 nights: from 1737 euros

      Type of tour: guided or self guided

    8. Option 8 Go Active

      If you’re looking for a challenging tour, look no further! This amazing tour will test your cycling skills over the wilder landscapes of the Alentejo! Enjoy traditional accommodation, including 1 night in a 15th centure convent!

      Duration: 8 days/7 nights

      Distance: 444km in total

      Price: from 820 euros

      Type of tour: guided or self guided

    9. Option 9 Cycling from Evora

      A one stop cycling holiday, so no need for packing or unpacking! Explore the best of the Alentejo, its tradition and culture! Sample delicious food and wine along the way!Peddle through medieval villages and their castles. A great tour if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the local culture

      Duration: 8 days/7 nights

      Distance: 245km in total

      Price: from 1125 euros

      Type of tour: guided or self guided

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