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Fishing in the Azores is a unique experience as the volcanic island background offers you a scenic journey! We offer fishing on the islands of Sao Miguel and also Faial!

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All about the Fishing in Azores.

We offer fishing trips off of two of the islands of Azores – Faial and Sao Miguel! Our skippers know the waters well and will take you to the best fishing spots for the most successful fishing possible!

The Azores coastline is particularly spectacular as it’s volcanic past has left behind intriguing caves and dramatic rock formations. The seas around the island attract dolphins, whales and a wide variety of fish. Our fishing trips are designed to introduce you to the different fishing techniques and fish that are found in the Azores.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

Boat trips and skipper to take you to the best fishing spots!

Equipment and bait

What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

Fishing license – an additional 5 euros can be paid on the day for your license

Transfers – can be arranged upon request

  1. Option 1 Reef Fishing in Sao Miguel

    If you would like to go coastal fishing in Sao Miguel you can charter our 22ft (6.7m) boat with yamaha outboard motor. It is fully equipped for various types of sea fishing and the charter can be tailored to your needs. On a day’s fishing in Sao Miguel you’ll spend approximately four hours out at sea. Common species you may catch are barracuda, scabbard fish, black groupers, amberjack, blue fish mackerel, anchovies, bonito and saw fish. If you’re fishing on the sea bottom you’re most likely to catch groupers, sea bream and other similar sized fish.

    Types of fishing

    Bottom Fishing

    Anchoring mainly on rocky sea bottoms between 20 and 150 meters, this technique uses a special fishing rod with organic bait to offer you the best possibility of catching the local fish. Species targeted during this trip include scorpionfish, sea bream, guelly jack, dusky grouper, blacktail comber, offshore rock fish and forkbeard, among others


    Fishing in mixed or rocky bottoms with depths of up to 100 meters, this specific type of fishing does not require anchoring. We utilize weighted samples and are quite successful at catching pelagic or bottom fish including barracuda, amberjack, atlantic bonito, tuna fish, blacktail comber, among others


    A technique used while the boat is navigating slowly along the coast, to areas between 6 and 50 meters. Species normally caught with this technique include tuna fish, clue fish, amberjack, atlantic bonito and barracuda, among others


    Availability: daily upon request

    Duration: 4 hours

    Price: Public Fishing Trip – 105 euros per person

    Private Fishing Charter – 300 euros

  2. Option 2 Big Game Fishing in Sao Miguel

    The Azores are widely recognized as one of the world’s best destinations for big game fishing particularly for Marlin. So if you’re up for a challenge we offer specialist big game fishing for tuna, dourado, marlin and more. For big game fishing we have two boat options: a 10 meter boat with fly bridge, 220HP diesel engines, kitchen, bathroom, cabins, a living room etc so you’ll be comfortable on a long day’s fishing or a simpler 7 meter boat. Both boats have all new, specialist equipment.

    Before you set off on one of our fishing trips you’ll be briefed about the types of fishing you’ll do, how to use all the equipment, the fish you may catch and safety precautions.

    Don’t forget your camera because as well as recording your catches against the spectacular backdrop of the islands you may well spot the turtles, dolphins, whales and interesting other marine life. Beginners and more experienced fishermen/women are welcome as are non-fishing friends or family members.

    These trips are exclusive, but if you are travelling alone, let us know your holiday dates and we will try to book you in with other interested passengers!

    Availability: daily upon request

    Duration: 4 hours or 8 hours

    Price: 4 hours – 450 euros/ 8 hours – 650 euros

  3. Option 3 Fishing in Faial

    On one of our fishing tours you will set out from Horta in an open boat for four or eight hours fishing along the Faial coastline accompanied by an expert, local guide. Our fishing tours are done in an open boat. We offer different types of fishing: bottom fishing, jigging, trawling and live bait fishing. There are a maximum of 6 people per tour so that the guide can offer individual attention and beginners and experienced fishers are welcome. Before you go we’ll brief you about the tour and some of the species we expect to catch.

    Bottom Fishing
    When you go bottom fishing the boat is anchored in different places where the water is 100 ft to 450 ft deep and the sea bed is rocky or mixed. You will be using a specially designed rod and reel with the bait prepared in advance. This type of fishing targets the demersal fish species, fish that prefer to live along the sea bed. You’ll be hoping to catch Blacktail Comber, Common Seabream, Guelly jack, Forkbeard, Offshore Rockfish, Axillary Seabream, White Seabream, Chub Mackerel, Dusky Grouper and Largescaled Scorpionfish.

    Although this can be included in bottom fishing, this type of fishing doesn?t need us to anchor the boat. It is done again where the sea is 100ft to 300ft deep and the bed is rocky or mixed. Jigging uses an artificial bait weighing between 50 g and 300 g, depending on the weather conditions and how deep we want to fish. The advantage of jigging is that it is possible to catch both pelagic and demersal species, meaning all the fish that you find from the sea bed right to the surface, without needing to change the technique. You’ll be targeting Bluefish, Common Seabream, Yellowmouth Barracuda, Atlantic Bonito, Greater Amberjack, Largescaled Scorpionfish, Guelly Jack, Blacktail Comber and Dusky grouper.

    To trawl we set the boat in very slow motion and use an artificial bait in coastal areas where the sea is 30 ft to 170 ft deep. You’ll be fishing for Bluefish, Yellowmouth Barracuda, Atlantic Bonito, Skipjack Tuna and Chub Mackerel

    Live Bait Fishing
    For live bait fishing the boat is anchored at different depths so we can fish using rod and reel. This type of fishing targets pelagic fishes and to improve our chances we only go live bait fishing at the end of the day when the fish come out to feed. you’ll be hoping for Yellowmouth Barracuda, Bluefish, Atlantic Bonito, Greater Amberjack and Guelly Jack

    Availability: daily upon request

    Duration: 4 hours or 8 hours

    Price: 4 hour – 300euros/ 8 hours – 450euros

    Would you like a special fishing holiday package? Contact us and we will send you specialized programs!


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