Horse Riding in Azores

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Horse riding in the Azores is an unforgettable experience! The landscapes are truly unique, particularly atop our Lusitano horses!

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    All about the Horse Riding in Azores.

    Horse riding in the Azores is a unique experience as the landscapes are unique and unforgettable, particularly atop our Lusitano horses! We offer a variety of riding trails on the island of Sao Miguel and welcome all levels of experience, so if you have never been on a horse before, this is your chance! All rides are accompanied by qualified guides and instructors who know the trails well and will ensure you get to see the best locations on the island! Our riding center is only 10 minutes from the center of Ponta Delgada, so easily accessible! Minimum age for riding in 10 yrs, but if you are traveling with younger children let us know, as we can entertain them with in stable riding! There is a maximum weight limit of 95kg for riding.

    If you are unsure of which tour to choose, we should start with evaluating your riding experience, so have a look below and let us know in your booking form what level you are. If you still have doubts, send us an email and we would be happy to help!

    Level 1 – If you have never been on a horse previously

    Level 2 – If you have done one or two easy rides accompanied by a guide

    Level 3 – If you can trot independently

    Level 4 – If you have had lessons in the past and are fairly confident walking, trotting and cantering on a horse

    Level 5 – If you are confident and independent on a horse, particularly on uneven ground and have ridden for some time.


    1. Option 1 Mini ride

      A short duration ride that is perfect for beginners and participants who are short on time,but don’t want to miss the opportunity to ride a Lusitano horse! This tour will take you along Livramento village, and into Santa Mata Forest for a scenic ride in lush green surroundings.

      Duration: 1h20min

    2. Option 2 Tropical Forest Tour

      Ride through amazing landscapes including pastures and villages, though ancient roads and stone walls that will take you back in time. The highlight of this tour is trekking through a rainforest that looks much like a tropical jungle! 

      Duration: 2 to 3 hours

    3. Option 3 Half Day North Coast Tour

      The north coast is abundant with greenery and traditional farms, with fantastic viewpoints you will not want to miss!  

      Duration: 3 hours

    4. Option 4 Half Day Remedios Tour

      This tour along the central part of the island offers you views of lovely pastures with frequent views of cattle and amazing viewpoints!

      Duration: 3 hours

    5. Option 5 Half Day Ribeirinha Tour

      A fun tour offering the possibility of canters along the way! The ride begins by the sea, climbing up to the Pico da Multa for breathtaking views, taking you along Gramas village and across rivers to Ribeira Grande

      Duration: 3 hours

    6. Option 6 Half Day Pico do Refugio Tour

      A wonderful scenic ride starting in Santa Barbara and taking you along lovely farms and pastures to Rabo do Peixe village and Pico do Refugio. 

      Duration: 3 hours

    7. Option 7 Half Day Cabuco Tour

      A lovely trails offering opportunities for cantering along winding roads leading up to a high field with spectacular views of the northern and southern parts of the island! 

      Duration: 3 hours 

    8. Option 8 Full Day Relva to Varzea Tour

      A wonderful tour leading you to Varzea village, for amazing sea views! We will also stop in Feteiras for a delicious lunch in a traditional restaurant!

      Duration: 7 hours

    9. Option 9 Full Day Mid Island Tour

      Explore the amazing scenery of the center of the island, with amazing lookout points and a picnic lunch in beautiful natural surroundings!

      Duration: 7 hours

    10. Option 10 Full Day Sete Cidades Tour

      The most complete of our riding tours, you will get to explore the volcanic crater that is Sete Cidades by horse! The amazing views of the famous two toned lakes are the highlight of the tour as well as a picnic lunch by the water

      Duration: 7 hours

    11. Option 11 Full Day North to South Coast Tour

      A full day tour starting in the northern part of the island leading you to Livramento village. Along the way you will be surrounded by green pastures, quaint villages and spectacular sea views, with a picnic lunch served in natural surroundings!

      Duration: 7 hours

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