Jet Ski in Vilamoura

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Jet Ski in Vilamoura! Hop onto out vehicles and explore the caves along the coastline at top speeds!

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    All about the Jet Ski in Vilamoura.

    We offer you the best jet ski experience on the Vilamoura Marina! Combine high quality and friendly service with spectacular Yamaha VX Waverunners and you’re set for the most exciting experience of your holiday! If you’ve never been on a jet ski, you need not worry, as our instructors are ready to teach you the basics and get you zipping along the coast in no time!

    Explore caves and rock formations, get to know the beaches of the area and challenge yourself with daredevil speeds!

    1. Option 1 Jet Ski Rental

      Hop on our speedboat and let us take you on an exciting trip to our jet ski circuit, where you can enjoy speeding along at your leisure!

      30 minute jet ski rental: 65 euros

      60 minute jet ski rental: 110 euros

    2. Option 2 Jet Ski and More!

      Take advantage of our special packages, combining jet skis with other fun nautical experiences!

      Speed Pack – 190eur

      1 hour speedboat tour + 30 minute jet ski rental!


      Reef Pack – 85eur 

      3 hour Reef Fishing Experience + 30 minute jet ski rental


      Adventure Pack – 85eur 

      Enjoy a 2 hour Dolphin Safari + 30 minute jet ski rental


      Skid Pack -120eur

      30 min jet boat ride + 30 min jet ski rental + parasailing


      Fun Pack – 95eur

      30 minute jet ski rental + parasailing


      Jet Pack – 95eur

      30 minute jet ski rental + 30 minute jet boat ride


      Sea Pack – 180eur 

      30min jet ski rental + parasailing + flyboard experience + 30 minute jet boat ride


      Happy Pack – 80eur

      15 minute banana boat ride + 30 minute jet ski rental

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