Paragliding and Paramotor Flights in Algarve

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Paragliding and paramotor flights in Algarve offer you the chance to fly high in the sky!

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    All about the Paragliding and Paramotor Flights in Algarve.

    Soar high above the Algarve skies over mountains and beaches! Paragliding and Paramotor flights are a great way to participate in aerial activities without all of the adrenaline of skydiving. The flight is calm and leisurely and our certified instructor will make sure you get to see the best sights in the region! 


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    1. Option 1 Paragliding

      To start a tandem paragliding flight, we get you kitted up in a harness and helmet. The harness will attach you to the instructor, who will be controlling the parachute, and the helmet is a basic safety measure of flying. Your instructor will flap the paraglider until it catches wind and now you’re ready to jump off of a cliff! It’s a really fun experience to float effortlessly in the sky, and you’ll be amazed at how serene the flight is, and how peaceful everything below looks! Most flights will give you a bit of mountain and coastal views, other flights are strictly over beaches. 

      When deciding to book a paragliding flight, it is important to know that we cannot book ahead of time as we do need optimal wind conditions to ensure a safe flight. Down below, you’ll find our booking form where you can add your holiday dates, as well as your location in the Algarve, and we will contact you a day or two before your flight to confirm!

      There is however a 110kg weight limit (242lb) for flying. To paraglide you will need to bring along sporty and comfortable clothing and shoes (no flip flops!), and you are more than welcome to bring along a Gopro or other form of filming and photographing your experience!

    2. Option 2 Paramotor

      A Paramotor or Paratrike is a two seater motorized paraglider. It actually looks like a big fan at the back of the paramotor seats. this means you have a bit more of a push when catching wind in the paraglider. The flights are very smooth and overlook the beautiful beaches of the Algarve! Paramotor has the advantage of being easier to fly and less dependant on the wind than traditional paragliding, and flights regularly take place in areas such as Falesia, Vilamoura, Olhos d’Agua, Tomato Beach, and more. Our paramotor flights are 20 minutes in duration

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