Race Car Experiences in Porto

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If you’ve got the need for speed, join our race car experiences in Porto! Taught by certified instructors, in fantastic race cars, this is the perfect activity for adrenaline junkies! It is also a wonderful gift idea for that special someone who’s always dreamed of racing!

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    All about the Race Car Experiences in Porto.

    Just 30 minutes from the center of Porto, we offer you the chance to drive like you’ve never driven before! From full driving courses, to exciting racing experiences, we have it all! If you or someone you know has always dreamed of speeding along a track, or even drift race, we have the package for you! As well as booking for yourself, this makes for a fantastic gift for the adrenaline junkie in your life!

    If you’re coming out in a group, let us know! We can plan a fantastic day of racing and more!

    1. Option 1 Drift Racing Experience

      A fantastic opportunity to learn all about drift racing and sit alongside one of our professional drivers for a head spinning experience! If you’d like to drive yourself, check our our Drift Racing Course below!

      Availability: daily upon request

      Duration: 15 minutes

      Price: 30 euros

      Included: safety briefing, 2 laps around our track driven by our instructor, certificate of participation


    2. Option 2 Speed Experience

      An exciting adventure in our Renault Clio RS! This is not your standard version of the Clio, but a powerful racing car reaching top speeds! Let our professional instructors take you on the ride of a lifetime! If you’d like to try your hand at driving, why not check out the Speed Race Course below!

      Availability: daily upon request

      Duration: 30 minutes

      Price: 70 euros

      Included: safety briefing, 3 laps around the track as a passenger, certificate of participation

    3. Option 3 Drift Racing Course

      Learning to drift race is an incredible experience! Drift racing is a true art, and we’re ready to teach you all about it! We offer 3 levels of training, so you have the option of booking just one level, or all three levels! Each level

      Level 1 – 250 euros

      Start your day with a theory class with our instructors,. Here you will learn the basics of drift including the position of hands, throttle sensitivity and also car control…. then it’s time to hit the tracks!

      Level 2 – 420 euros

      If you’ve completed levels one, or already have some experience, level 2 will expand your knowledge by teaching you new drift techniques including the long drift, using your hand break to drift and deceleration decompensation! Then it’s time to drive and put the theory to practice!

      Level 3 – 520 euros

      An advanced level of racing! This is a half day experience in which we will teach two students per car. You’ll learn all about high speed drifting as well as advanced drift techniques and angles, Then we will get on the track and experience the thrill of carrying out everything you have learned!

    4. Option 4 Speed Racing Course

      An exciting course on racing, taught by expert driving instructors! Get behind the wheel of a Renault Clio RS and learn to race like a pro!

      Exercise 1 – Start your course by learning the basics of racing with a demonstration! You’ll get in the car with your instructor for an exhilarating ride around the track, where you will learn car interaction and track recognition

      Exercise 2 – Next we’ll teach you all about cornering, you’ll start with a demonstration given by your instructor and learn the basics of input, APEX and curve output, as well as the ideal trajectories.

      Exercise 3 – Another important aspect of racing is Braking. In this third and final part of your course, you’ll learn about braking points and distances, as well as how to execute them.

      Price – 370 euros



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