Racing Experiences in Algarve

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Join our racing experiences in Algarve for a true adrenaline adventure! Take the passenger seat in some of the world’s most popular racing cars for heart racing rides! Great for the adrenaline junkie or a gift voucher!

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    All about the Racing Experiences in Algarve.

    Imagine grabbing the wheel like a race car driver – now you can! Our racing experiences offer you the chance to test drive some of the world’s most popular race cars! A great activity for racing enthusiasts and the perfect gift for friends and family who LOVE race cars! We offer a wide variety of packages in various vehicles! If you’re looking for racing courses with certification, contact us as we offer various packages!

    We also cater to large groups, so if you are coming out with your company and would like an unforgettable teambuilding event, let us do it for you! We can take care of everything from accommodation, to transfers and exclusive racing packages with catering and entertainment!

    1. Option 1 AMG Racing Experiences

      AMG Turbo Boost – 170 euros

      Enjoy an exciting lap in one of racing’s most powerful cars the A35 AMG! Our instructor will drive you around the first lap, and then you can take the wheel!

      AMG Bodywork and Soul – 190 euros

      A fantastic two lap experience in and AMG E 53! The first lap you can enjoy the thrill of riding alongside our instructor, and on the second lap you can have a go!

      AMG V8 for Victory – 405 euros

      Drive the AMG C 63 S. Experience top speeds with our instructor at the wheel, then it’s your turn!

      AMG Power of Ambition – 435 euros

      The AMG GT C is yours for two laps! Let our expert instructor drive you around the first lap, and then you can take the wheel!

      AMG Sport Trinity -1379 euros


      The ultimate race car drivers dream! Test drive THREE cars! The A 35 AMG + AMG E 63 S + AMG GT C


    2. Option 2 Porsche Racing Experiences

      Up, up and Away! – 185 euros

      Drive the Porsche Cayman S! The first lap you can enjoy top speeds with our pro driver and then the second lap is all yours!

      Extreme Revolution – 455 euros

      Drive a Porsche 911 GT3! First experience the speed of driving alongside a pro driver, then you can take the wheel and drive a lap!

      The Porsche Triumvirate – 1399 euros

      The ULTIMATE Porsche experience! Drive THREE different Porsche race cars! You’ll get to experience the Cayman S, Porsche Cayman 718S and Porsche 911 GT3.


    3. Option 3 Honda Racing Experiences

      Banzai – 139 euros

      Get to know what it’s lie to drive the Honda Type-R! The first lap will be with your instructor and then you can give it a try!

      Racing Like a Pro – 180 euros

      Drive the RACING version of the Type-R! As with all of our driving experiences, our pro driver will take you along the track first and then you get to drive!

    4. Option 4 Multi Car Racing Experiences

      Get a chance to test drive THREE race cars! You’ll ride alongside our pro driver for the first lap and then get to do THREE laps in THREE different cars! A race car lovers dream!

      The Driving Trio – 699 euros

       Try your hand at driving the Honda Civic Type R, the Porsche Cayman S and the AMG GT C!

      The Perfect Triology – 899 euros

      Try your hand at driving the Honda Civic Type R, the AMG GT C and also the Porsche 911 GT3!

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