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Welcome aboard our Sailing Charters in Lisbon! We offer many options for a memorable cruise in Lisbon! Whether you are a couple looking for a romantic experience, or a large group on a corporate event, we have the perfect boat for you!

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All about the Sailing Charters in Lisbon.

Welcome aboard one of our many modern and classic sailing boats for a memorable day or evening cruise in Lisbon! With a wide variety of boats to choose from, we can plan everything from a romantic experience for two, to a memorable wedding or corporate event, and everything in between!

All cruises can be tailored to your specifications including catering, wine tasting, decoration, live music and more! We can also arrange fun filled teambuilding activities and company presentations.

Portugal is known for it’s sailing, and the Tagus river was the base of many an explorer! Our cruises are led by friendly and experienced crew and staff who know the area well and are happy to share their insight on Lisbon’s history and spectacular cityscape! The city of Lisbon was built on the seven hills, which you will be able to see clearly from the water. You can also sail past some of the most iconic monuments in the region. We offer various departure points and can include the following stops on your itinerary:

25th of April Bridge – A wonderful part of the Tagus river in which you can see the famous Cristo Rei statue on the far bank

Belem – Home to the most emblematic monuments in cluding the Belem Tower, the Monument of Discoveries and also Palace of Belem and the Jeronimos Monastery

Praca do Comercio – An iconic square that was rebuilt in the 18th century after the 1755 earthquake!

Lisbon Monuments – There are many momuments that can be viewed from the river, from the National Pantheon, to Bairro Alto, and in the distance the lovely Vasco da Gama Bridge

Contact us and let us know a bit about what you are looking for! We are happy to recommend the best boats and send you more pictures and a quote!

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.

Exclusive use of the boat of your choice

Friendly and experienced staff to accompany you along the way

Spectacular views of the Lisbon cityscape!

Sailing by some of the region’s most iconic monuments!

What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.

Transfers to the marina – can be arranged upon request

Catering and drinks – can be arranged upon request

  1. Option 1 Boats for up to 10 people

    If you are coming as a couple or small group, these are some great sailing options!

    The Azimut 53 is a wonderful luxury yacht with a maximum capacity for 10 people

    The Fairline Targa 52 is another really great luxury option for up to 10 people!

    The Greenline is a fantastic sailboat and takes up to 10 passengers!

    Sailing on a catamaran like the Lavezzi 36 means you’ll have lots of lounging space to soak up the sun! Maximum capacity is for 8 people

    The Max Golfo is a wonderful sailboat taking up to 10 people!

    Sailing on the Vanda is a great option for groups of up to 10 people!

    The Bavaria 46, a classic sailing yacht suitable for up to 8 people!

  2. Option 2 Boats for 12 to 20 people

    Coming in a group can be a bit tricky as most boats have a limit of up to 12 people, but we have great news! If you’re in a group of 20 or less, we have a wide variety of options! All cruises can be tailored to include catering and drinks, and don’t forget to bring along your favorite tunes! We can hook you up to our sound system!

    If you’re coming in a larger group, continue down to option 3!

    Astonda 82 luxury yacht – maximum capacity 12 people

    Azimut 80 luxury yacht – maximum capacity 12 people

    The Diapason sailing yacht has room for 12 passengers!

    The roomy Lagoon 38 Catamaran can take up to 12 people!

    The Lagoon 39 is a more roomy option for up to 16 people!

    The Leopard 46 Catamaran can take up to 18 passengers!

    Local Hero is a lovely sailing catamaran for 12 guests!

    The Mikado is a classic sailing yacht suitable for 12 people

    Mo Cuishle is a fantastic luxury yacht suited for 18 people

    The Moonfleet is a moderns sailing yacht taking up to 12 passengers

    The Scarlett is a sleek catamaran suited for 14 guests

    The Summer Blue is a wonderful motor option for groups of up to 18 people

    The Taifun is a lovely sailing yacht for 12 passengers

    The Ark is a spectacular classic boat for up to 16 passengers

    Vertigo Blue is a lovely luxury catamaran taking up to 18 people







  3. Option 3 Boats for 23 to 100 people

    If you’re in a larger group, you need not worry as we have many sailing options for you too! From gorgeous historical boats, to motor yachts,  luxury options and even a cool party boat!

    The Ana Franco is a spacious motor yacht with plenty of room for up to 80 people!

    The Attraversiamo is a sleek sailikng catamaran with the capacity for 23 passengers

    Baia dos Golfinhos is a really great motor option for groups of up to 75 people! Moored across the river in Setubal, we can arrange for departure from Lisbon!

    The Carisma is one of our most popular boats, as it takes up to 25 guests and has plenty of room!

    Our three mast schooner is an amazing option for a cruise like no other! This option takes up to 75 passengers

    The ultimate party boat! With a large upper deck, this boat can take up to 40 people in style!

    The Shuttle is a wonderful luxury option with a sleek design and panoramic views! This boat can take up to 55 people

    The Vintage is a smaller version of the Shuttle and can take up to 40 passengers

    This 24 meter Dutch Clipper has been lovingly restored to offer groups of up to 33 people an unforgettable sailing experience!

  4. Option 4 Boats for 100+ people

    Large groups such as weddings or corporate events can find it difficult to organize a cruise, but we have five really great options for you, the largest of which can take up to 340 people!

    All of these boats offer all of the facilities you need for the perfect event, including seated dining areas, space for live entertainment and dancing, rooms for presentations

    and even wine tasting activities and teambuilding games! Contact us for more details and prices!


    The Luxury Catamaran is perfect for groups of up to 145 people! It offers a spacious bar, plenty of room on the top deck, and fantastic catering options. We can also add watersports to your cruise!

    Our most recent addition, this classical motor boat has been lovingly restored to include a modern interior with plenty of room for up to 300 guests


    The largest of our boats, taking up to 340 people, offers plenty of space to explore, dining rooms, bar and more!

    A spectacular boat for large groups of up to 300 people! Spacious and modern in interior design, with the perfect room for a memorable party!

    A classic historical schooner with a maximum capacity for 300 people. Lovingly restored, while maintaining its original design, this is a wonderful option for group events!


  5. Option 5 Romantic Sailing Charters

    If you are looking for a romantic charter package, no needn’t look any further! Lisbon offers a variety of special moments aboard yachts and even catamarans. Whether you are celebrating an anniversary, a special date, or looking to propose, we can ensure your experience will be truly memorable!

    Romantic Sailing Cruise

    Departing from Belem, this romantic cruise will take you along the iconic monuments as the sun is setting. The package includes a bottle of sparkling white wine and sound system to enjoy your favorite tunes! 200 euros

    Marriage Proposal Cruise

    We are suckers for romance and have had the privilege of organizing many proposals over the years! On this specific cruise, we promise you the best scenario for that special moment in your lives! We will decorate the yacht with rose petals, and pop a bottle of sparkling wine upon boarding! We can even play your favorite song and arrange a photographer on board to capture the moment!

    Marriage proposal on a sailing yacht – 200 euros

    Marriage proposal on a sailing catamaran – 300 euros

    Romantic Dinner Cruise

    A wonderful way to show that special someone your love, this romantic dinner cruise includes a three course meal and sailing experience along the Tagus river! Dinner includes some of Portugal’s most loved dishes (Duck Rice and Creamy Cod Fish Casserole), accompanied by red or white wine, sodas, beer and water. For dessert, you get to enjoy a decadent chocolate cake and fresh pineapple!

    Romantic Dinner Cruise on a Sailing Yacht – 250 euros

    1 hour of navigation and 2 hours of dinner

    Romantic Dinner Cruise on a Catamaran – 350 euros

    3 hours of navigation and dinner

    Romantic Dinner and Overnight Cruise

    (Valentine’s Day Special)

    Come Valentine’s Day we offer an exclusive experience for your other half! Enjoy a 2 hour sunset cruise with overnight! In the morning we will offer you breakfast at a cafe on the marina!

  6. Option 6 Nautical Activity Charters

    If you’re looking for a charter with a bit of a kick, why not try some fun nautical activities? Challenge family and friends to some fun water-based competitions for an incredible day out on the water! Also a wonderful option for teambuilding and corporate events!

    Sailing Regatta

    Portugal, and specifically the Tagus river, is by nature an exceptional place for water sports, namely sailing. Featuring the biggest mono type fleet in the country, we create a regatta program (sailboat races) in which you will compete with your colleagues by learning sailing techniques, and trying to beat them to the finish line!. We divide the group into teams of 7, and each team will step in one of our boats with an experienced and accredited instructor (trainer). We invite all participants to take part in controlling the boat, providing a unique experience and a feeling of personal accomplishment, which motivates all participants to give their best! 


    Water Balloons!…… Sailing!……….. Battleship!………. You may have experienced one of these activities or even all of them, but………..have you ever tried them all together??? We invite you to come and experience this fantastic event!  It all begins with the division of the groups in two teams (each team composed by smaller groups of 7 people) either pirates vs corsairs, or Portuguese armada vs French armada, etc. After a small technical briefing, we set out to teach each team how to sail – then the Regatta begins! And in the middle of the racing field there is the “war zone”; the only location where the teams are allowed to engage in “battle”. The team that finishes the course first will be the victorious team.

    GPS Treasure Hunt Challenge

    The GPS Challenge is an exercise used in Team Building programs for companies. We hide a certain number of items in the Tagus River that must be found and (each team must find at least 2). The same item can be circumvented by no more than 2 teams.

    Before beginning the activity, we offer explanations as to how to find these items with nautical charts and GPS. Objectives and goals are established within each team to promote work, communication and planning.

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