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Looking for something fun and exciting for your child this summer? Look no further, our Summer Camp in Central Portugal is the best gift you can give your child after a long school year! Lots of fun in the sun, evening and cultural activities, and the chance to make new friends!

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    All about the Summer Camp in Central Portugal.

    Fun and adventurous summer camps in Portugal for kids aged 6-17 yrs! Our Summer Camp packages in Central Portugal offer your child the chance to explore a wide variety of activities in nature, and always under the watchful eyes of our qualified staff!

    The program itself allows your child to develop skills that will lead to a more independent, resilient and confident child! The activities are exciting, fun and help create lasting bonds between the campers, so rest assured your child will be in excellent hands!

    On the outskirts of Lisbon, near Cartaxo, our camp takes place on a lovely farm, boasting over 10 hectares of natural beauty!

    The camp itself offers boy’s and girl’s dormitories, lounge areas, disco nightclub, movie theater and more! Your children will also enjoy playing in the pool, football field, on site farm with animals, as well as a wealth of exciting activities and even water slides!


    We recommend firstly, practicing with your child by allowing him or her to try a sleepover or weekend with family or friends. This is a great way to get them ready! Also if you’re feeling anxious (and we do understand that!), try not to let your child know you’re a bit worried as this may add to his/her anxiety.

    Contact one of his/her best friends and see if their parents would also like to book! Coming in with a friend always helps! Also we book for siblings with discounted rates!

    Fee free to talk to us! We are more than happy to schedule a call or even a video chat to reassure you and answer any questions you may have!

    Remember, this is a great thing! Summer Camps create long lasting bonds and lots of fun adventure!


    We will send you a form with all of the details we will need, including health information, dietary requirements, and information that ensures we know all of your child’s needs prior to their arrival. We will then invoice you for the camp and send over all of the details, including a packing list and map of the camp!

    As parents ourselves, we are cautious about who works with us and ensure that they are qualified for the job! All potential camp counselors must go through a rigorous selection process in which they must present criminal background check, medical evaluation, and of course referrals.

    Unfortunately (though rarely), this does happen. Whether your child is feeling a bit homesick, or has had a disagreement with a fellow camper, these are all issues that can affect their happiness at camp. We pride ourselves in easily resolving issues, but we of course collaborate with the parents in these cases so that we can help your child overcome their difficulties and enjoy their time with us!

    We pride ourselves in providing highly nutritious meals – your child will need it with all of the activities he/she will be doing! Menus are all planned out by a certified nutritionist, and our cook Dona Emilia, will add her loving personal touch!

    We use fresh fish, meat, fruit and vegetables for all meals, and avoid unhealthy fried foods! Your child will have a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as an afternoon snack!

    Campers are our top priority, so we ensure all activities are carried out safely and with adult supervision. We offer a special insurance program (included in the price), and are only 2 kilometers away from the nearest health center.

    We also have a partnership protocol with the Red Cross and they are present throughout the summer season, to ensure the best care, should it be needed.

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