Walking Tours in Alentejo

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Joining our walking tours in Alentejo means traveling back in time. We will take you along locations of history and culture, walking along beautiful natural surroundings!

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All about the Walking Tours in Alentejo.

Our walks are designed and led by experienced, enthusiastic walkers who want to show you each region’s most beautiful scenery and give you a taste of its history, culture, wildlife and gastronomy. If you’re looking for a dedicated walking holiday, we offer complete packages with accommodation!

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Guide services to show you the best locations

Lots of history and culture!

Spectacular scenery all around!

  1. Option 1 Silver Water Aqueduct Tour

    Walking and hiking through Alentejo is a one of a kind experience! Walk along the famous Silver Water Aqueduct, which was built in the 16th century to resolve water shortage problems. The trail will take you along little farms with plenty of cattle and vegetation – it’s traditional architecture is beautiful! Along the water, you will follow the aqueduct through Rua do Cano (pipe street). A true outdoor experience filled with sights and smells of Alentejo!

    Duration: Full day

    Price: Adults – 30 euros/ Children under 12 – 20 euros

    Included: transfers from Evora to the starting point, guide services


  2. Option 2 Megalithic Monuments

    A tour filled with nature, history and culture! Explore the famous Megalithic Monuments, a magical cult site used 6000 years ago!  Get to know the most important monuments in the region such as:

     Menir de Almendres – considered one of the oldest megalithic monuments in Europe, this is known as the Iberian Mesopotamia! According to archeologists, this location is suspected to have been built in 5000-4000 BC!

    Cromelek de Almendres – Also suspected to have been built in 5000-4000 BC, experts believe it may just be the first public monument in all of mankind!

     Zambujeiro Dolmen – a dolmen structur built in 4000-3000 BC and linked to the ancient church of Anta Grande da Comenda

    Duration: Full day

    Price: Group of 4+ adults – 50 euros pp

    Group of 2 adults – 65 euros pp

    Children under 12 – 30 euros pp



  3. Option 3 Evora Bike and Hike

    A fun filled tour along the Silver Aqueduct, which is an amazing 16th century work of art! From here you will cross local farms, breathing in the fresh air and the sweet smell of fresh grown herbs.  We will stop midway at our farmhouse to pick up our bikes and cycle down a lovely eco trail – AND the tour is all downhill, so it’s a very easygoing trip! Once in town, we’ll take you for a walking tour around the historical center of Evora. A half day tour with a lovely mix of nature and culture!

    Duration: Half Day

    Price: 4+ adults – 35 euros

    2 adults – 45 euros

    Children under 12 – 20 euros


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