Northern Portugal Swimming Spots

Scenic Swimming Spots of Northern Portugal

Get to know the scenic swimming spots of Northern Portugal! Home to traditional villages and natural parks, allowing you to explore spectacular landscapes, lovely river beaches and breathtaking waterfalls! You’ll find most surrounding towns also offer a wealth of beautiful places to swim, in locations that are far from the crowds and bustling cities! There is no way we could narrow things down to give you a top 10, so we’re offering you a whopping 60 places to go swimming in nature in northern Portugal!

Viana do Castelo

At the very top of Portugal you will find the district of Viana do Castelo! Home to many iconic monuments and its own “alvarinho” wine, it also boasts some wonderful places to swim! Here are our top picks:

1. Taboao River Beach – Paredes de Coura


2. Estoraos River Beach – Ponte de Lima

3. Serra da Arga’s Seven Lagoons – Ponte de Lima

4. Sistelo River Beach – Arcos de Valdevez

5. Pincho Waterfall – Montaria

6. Poco Negro – Soajo

7. Laboreiro Waterfall – Castro Laboreiro


Just below the district of Viana do Castelo, you will find the lovely Braga district. It is also home to the famous Serra do Geres, where you can find some of the most beautiful natural landscapes. Some may say this is the most beautiful region of Portugal due to its untouched surroundings. So if you plan on visiting this region, you may want to add these to your list:

8. Adaufe River Beach – Adaufe

9. Cavadinho River Beach – Crespos

10. Tregosa River Beach – Barcelos

11. Verim River Beach – Verim

12. Cavez River Beach – Cabeceiras

13. Porto Carrero – Vila Verde

14. Barragem da Queimadela – Fafe

15. Sete Lagoas – Geres

16. Rio Homem – Geres

17. Vilarinho das Furnas – Geres

18. Arado Waterfall – Geres

19. Tahiti Waterfall – Geres

20. Poco Azul – Geres

21. Rio Poio – Geres

22. Fafiao River – Geres

Vila Real

Just north of the Douro River, you will find the district of Vila Real. Known for the many small villages and towns, it’s quite easy to immerse yourself in the local culture. Surrounded by the Marao and Alvao Mountains, you’ll find hidden treasures including scenic river beaches and waterfalls. Here are our favorites:

23. Rabacal River Beach – Valpacos

24. Mesao Frio – Mesao Frio

25. Agua Cai d’Alto Waterfall – Cerva

26. Fisgas do Ermelo – Mondim de Baixo

27. Agarez Waterfall – Vila Marim

28. Galegos da Serra Waterfall – Vila Marim

29. Pincaes Waterfall – Cabril


A lovely region, home to beautiful ancient stone houses, showing you a calm and peaceful part of the country. There is much to see in Braganca, from churches and castles, to the beautiful Montesinho Natural Park. We also recommend visiting the following river beaches:

30. Condiga River Beach – Freixo Espada a Cinta

31. Vale Juncal – Mirandela

32. Ponte das Macas – Vimioso

33. Ponte de Frades – Vinhais

34. Ponte Soeira – Vinhais


Porto is likely the most visited of the northern Portugal districts, as the bustling city is known for it’s amazing food, port wine and iconic monuments. But did you know that Porto is only a small part of this fantastic district? Traveling a bit further inland, you can get away from the busy city and immerse yourself in the local culture! Although Porto boats some wonderful beaches, particularly for surfing, it is also home to some amazing river beaches!

35. Lomba River Beach – Gondomar

36. Bitetos River Beach – Marco de Canavezes


Known for it’s colorful houses and traditional moliceiro boats, and yummy ovos moles sweets. The surrounding areas of this fantastic city are home to some of the most lovely river beaches and waterfalls! You’ll also find the Arouca river to be a prime location for watersports such as canyoning and rafting!

37. Areinho River Beach – Arouca

38. Burgaes River Beach – Vale da Cambra

39. Cabroeira Waterfall – Sever do Vouga

40. Drave River Beach – Arouca

41. Filveda Waterfall – Arouca

42. Love Island on Castelo River Beach – Castelo de Paiva

43. Serra de Freitas River Beach – Arouca


Known for its amazing wine culture and surrounded by mountains, including Serra da Estrela, Serra do Caramulo, among others, you’ll find a variety of intricate stream and river networks that make for perfect river swimming conditions!

45. Ferreiros do Dao – Tondela

46. Folgosa River Beach – Castro Daire

47. Mortagua Waterfall – Viseu

48. Nandufe River Beach – Tondela

49. Patanha Waterfall – Viseu

50. Poco Azul – Santa Cruz da Trapa


51. Lagarica River Beach – Resende

52. Segoes River Beach – Moimenta da Beira


Known for being a bit chilly and windswept, it is a beautiful location founded in 1197. It’s also famous for it’s Ice Palace and Bar, so if you’re coming in the winter, it’s certainly a site to behold! In the summer, you can find some of the most scenic rivers and waterfalls for a refreshing swim!

53. Covao de Ametade – Manteigas

54. Lapa dos Dinheiros – Seia

55. Loriga River Beach – Seia

56. Poco da Broca – Barriosa

57. Poco do Inferno Waterfall – Manteigas

58. Poco do Lagar – Seia

59. Rapoula do Coa – Sabugal


60. Sabugueiro River Beach – Seia