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Top 10 Activities for your Teambuilding or Corporate Event in Portugal

Portugal is a fantastic destination for a teambuilding or corporate event, due to it’s easy access via three main airports, mild year long weather and safety! This means you have the perfect conditions for great group activities! The wide diversity of the country also lends itself well to all tastes, as each region is unique, and offers different sights, traditions and gastronomy! It is also affordable! You can find a wide variety of accommodation, from large chain hotels, to quaint boutique hotels and even self serving villas and apartments! Whether you prefer staying in the city, by the beach, or away in nature, you are guaranteed a wonderful experience!

The activities in Portugal are also quite varied and you can choose between group tour, exciting city competitions and even cool cruises with catering! Have a browse through our top activities for teambuilding or coporate events in Portugal!

1. Challenge your team to competitive city games

Not are they a great way to work communication and team bonding, but it’s also a great way to get to know major cities! You can get to know major monuments and locations, interact with locals and challenge your group with fun filled tasks! You can arrange leisurely photo challenges in most major cities, treasure hunts in great locations and also teambuilding games catering to the more competitive groups!

2. Take it to the Beach!

With so many beaches in Portugal, holding your event by the water is a great way of interacting with your team! From competitive games, to water sports lessons and even relaxing beach events, the choice is yours! From booking a fun water sports package where everyone can have a go, to competitive nautical games like sailing regattas, Portugal offers you the best choices!

3. Get to know Portugal on a group tour!

Group tours are a fun way to get to know Portugal, there is a tour for everyone! Whether you are looking to taste local delicacies, or get to know spectacular monuments and castles, you can find wonderful group options at affordable rates. You can also find tours that include a bit of treasure hunting, to make things more interesting! All in all choosing to tour with your company is a wonderful way of bonding and sharing great memories!

4. Fly high in the sky!

The mild weather in Portugal means it is a popular location for air sports! Whether you are a bit more daring and looking to challenge your team to a group skydive, or a leisurely hot air balloon flight, you’re sure to share a fantastic experience! If you’re holding an event, you can eve charter a banner flight! A flyover with your company logo is sure to be a perfect addition to your stay in Portugal!

5. Experience the gastronomy

If there is one thing we recommend in coming to Portugal, is to taste the food and wine! Of course you can book a variety of restaurants during your stay, but why not book something that will help develop team spirit, communication and team work? A cooking class or a specialized gastronomy tour is a great way to pull the team together and enjoy amazing food to boot!

6. Go on a cruise

From the romantic Douro River, to the cave filled beaches of the Algarve and even the fantastic rocky coast of the islands, sailing is a wonderful group experience! There are LOTS of boats you can charter and even personalize your event with a lunch or dinner on board! Many boats can also provide you with live entertainment, which makes for the perfect company event on the water!

7. Climb up high in the trees

Adventure parks are a fun way to challenge your friends to a bit of fun high up in the trees! There are many adventure parks in Portugal, where you can complete tree top assault courses. There are also parks with accommodation where you can create a full holiday package and enjoy a variety of fun activities to boost team spirit!

8. Explore nature

Boasting dozens of natural parks and reserves, Portugal is a prime destination for those looking to get away from it all in nature! Whether you are looking for fun treasure hunts in the woods, leisurely activities or challenging adventures, you’ll be spoiled for choice! Some suggestions for group activities include rafting, canyoning, hiking and even rock climbing!

9. Enjoy dinner in spectacular venues

Portugal has so many beautiful buildings monuments and museums… and many of them are open for booking corporate events! Imagine yourself in a fantastic convent or castle, enjoying a delicious dinner. This is totally possible and you can tailor events to suit your group! We recommend contacting a reputable travel company, as they can help you select the best venues and catering options.

10. Get away from it all on a retreat

A great company retreat offers great accommodation, fun group activities and wonderful food. Portugal offers a wide variety of options from fun summer camp type retreats, to relaxing yoga retreats and even bootcamp experiences! If your goal is to unite your team and create lasting bonds, an all inclusive retreat could be your best bet!